Did you know that all your activities on the Internet can be traced and used as evidence against you? 

You may have stumbled on an adult site by accident and donít want your spouse, children or your boss to know about it. How do you take measures to rectify this problem? Just deleting your browser cache and history will not protect you! You can clear your history or empty your cache files in your browser's settings, but it will not protect you. History Clean is your answer!

History Clean is the solution to protect your privacy. With only one click you can erase all the history tracks safely and completely.

History Clean software protects your privacy by removing your Internet records from your computer. As you surf the web, pictures and text get stored on your hard disk, creating a mirror image of your surfing experience. Companies use cookies to profile or track your actions on the web. System and application software also store information that could compromise privacy.

Itís literally impossible to manually delete the history of your activities and most of the times you donít even know the location where these files are stored. 

History Clean automates this process and makes your life much easier. It is compatible with all the popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Firefox! The File Shredder available in this program shreds all files and makes them untraceable.

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