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Main Screen:

History Clean is one of the most advanced eraser softwares. 
History Clean supports all recent versions of Internet Explorer, and popular browsers such as Netscape and Opera.

It increases the speed of your PC by removing all unnecessary files and thus makes more hard disk space available for use. It also removes all traces of applications and internet history. 

Different erase options are available as listed below:

1. Windows
History Clean erases traces of all your offline activities. It cleans all unwanted files and temporary data as well as useless registry entries etc. This not only makes your PC faster but also frees a lot of hard disk space. 

Check the box corresponding to the feature you want to clean. History Clean offers cleaning of the following folders:

* Recycle Bin
* Recent Run History
* Recent Document List 
* Find File/Folder History 
* Registry Fragment Files
* Clipboard
* Search Computer History
* Scandisk.chk file
* Open/Save Dialog Box History
* Windows Temporary File Folder 

2. Internet Explorer
History Clean protects the privacy of the user from malicious threats on the Internet. It can quickly erase your cache, cookies, history, location bar history, auto-complete forms data, index.dat files, temp folders, and more.

Choose your erasing options for Internet Explorer by selecting the feature you want cleaned:

* Location Bar History
* AutoComplete Forms Data
* Temporary Internet Files
* AutoComplete Password Data
* Internet History
* URL Error Logs
* Locked Index.dat
* Outlook Express Temp
* Cookies

Click on "Click here to save cookies." Click / check the cookies you want to save while deleting the cookies. This will save the cookies. 

3. Netscape
Some features available for Netscape Navigator are:

* Netscape Typed History
* Netscape Cache
* Netscape Mail History
* Netscape History
* Netscape Cookies
* Netscape AutoComplete Form

4. Opera
Features that can be cleaned under Opera are:

* Typed Opera URL
* Opera Cache
* Opera Cookies

The "Select All" button selects all available options to be cleaned.
The "Deselect All" option deselects all the available options.

Once the erasing options are selected, you can start the cleaning process by clicking on “Start Cleaning".

You can clean and restart you PC by choosing the "Clean & Reboot" option. This option is recommended because some of the features require reboot for complete cleaning.

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