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Registration  Screen:

History Clean Registration Screen

This page helps you find Online help for History Clean in case you need some questions to be answered. 

To access online help click on "Click Here for Online Help"

If you would like to buy a paid version of the software click on "Click here to buy History Clean Now"

Registration Info:

After buying a paid copy of the software, the next step is to register the copy on your machine so that you can make full use of all available features. 

The Hardware Fingerprint: This is an identification number which is unique to every machine on which the software runs.

Step1: Enter your name

Step2: Enter your E-mail Address 

Step3: Click on "Get Activation Code Now" 

The Activation Code (AC) will be emailed to you. 

Step4: Once you receive the (AC), enter it in:"Activation Code"

Step5: Click on "Enter Activation Code Here" to access the complete version of the software. Restart the program. When started again, the registered copy of the software is accessible.

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