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Start Up Screen:

Start Up Screen

Run Settings

These settings can be defined to set the running of the program:

The different options are:

* Run during Windows Start Up
* Clean during Application ShutDown
* Clean during Application Start Up

Boss Key Settings

This is a very innovative method to close down any active window within a second. 

On pressing the pre-set boss key button, not only will it immediately hide History Clean but will also close all running instances of Internet Explorer and Netscape. It also triggers the deletion of traces in your system behind the screen silently. And on successful deletion the application exits from the System Memory.

This is a very vital and useful Button. For example: If you have some sensitive or objectionable document open on your PC, and suddenly your BOSS comes in and wants to check your PC immediately, you just need to click on the Boss Key and the application will do the magic for you.

Note: The Boss Key should be used in case of Emergency Exit.

You can set the Boss Key according to your convenience by selecting one of the keys from F2 to F12 and then clicking on "Set"

The user's system information is also displayed on this page.

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